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VRC MKII only $299! (Regular Price $349) There will not be a new VRC

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Put yourself in the most Realistic Driving Position!

The VRC MKII Features a fully reclining padded seat, the large pedal plate is pre drilled for G27 or Fanatec Clubsport wheels and pedals or you can drill for any pedals. The Seat is not fiberglass, it is a soft, very supportive quality car seat and can recline from 90deg vertical to fully horizontal. The seats high quality covering breathes to keep you dry and has large side bolsters to aid getting in and out. It will fit any size driver. The realistic driving position is not changed from the original VRC MKI.

The frame and seat are sold separately if desired. Most aftermarket seats like Sparco will fit the frame as the seat mount is flat (but our seat is more comfortable for gaming without the movement a real car has). To make the VRC MKII very adaptable the heel pad is provided to use most pedal sets or you can remove it and mount your pedals lower or in any position you desire.

VRC MKII shown above with the heel pad (included), Shifter Mount(sold separately) and Logitech G27 wheel/shifter (not included). Price $299* Plus FREE SHIPPING to Continental USA!

(instructions are available to drill for Fanatec wheels and pedals. Click here for list of wheels.)

A few Customer Comments:

"The adjustability of the new seat back makes such a difference for me. I hated the standard Playseat seat. Neil"

"Comfort, pure comfort...thanks, Tripp"

"I've got it set up for me and I love it. It's the best driving position on a rig that I've tried so far. I love how low it is, John"

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Bob Earl explains the design: "Every Race Car I ever drove from Formula, Prototype to Trans-Am or GT the driver's seat was as low as possible to get a low center of Gravity. The VRC MKII puts you in this realistic seating position for the perfect racing sim seat. Remembering that every time I was hired to drive a new race car the first thing we did was make a seat, why not make a racing game seat to fit everyone? I decided to design my own Racing Sim Rig and the resulting VRC MKII is very comfortable, realistic, with the wheel, pedals and your rear end where they belong. I tried most of the racing game chair on the market and they felt like sitting in, well...... a chair. Most were too high, upright and firm, like you are sitting on the seat instead of in it. The VRC MKII is fully adjustable with soft reclining seat so you can optimize your position. It might not have the "wow" factor when you see it but I guarantee it has the "Oh Yeah" factor as you use it."

How the VRC adjusts to you! (Shown with the older VRC MKI )

The pedal support has an adjustable range of 21 inches and the steering support moves higher and further from the driver simultaneously to accommodate the taller competitors.

Simple, efficient and adjustable from kids to 6'6" tall "kids".

Customer Comments:

" let me use this email to compliment you on your excellent product,it is the best even if you look at higher priced units,it`s quality is everything your website said, and this offer to send a replacement plate at no charge tells I am dealing with an reputable company that I would recommend to someone looking for a racing chassis. Thank you." Amado Sept 2012

"Bob, Really enjoying the VRC Mk II. It's a wonderful product featuring a sturdy build and excellent craftsmanship. The plastic inserts prevent scratching the frame rails while making it a breeze to adjust to my height, my wife's or friends." Daniel, Nov 2011

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Here are some reviews

Autosimsport said : "Bob Earl has created the Virtual Racing Chassis to be an affordable
solution to the family room racers conundrum—space, or the lack thereof. If the VRC looks as if it sits low, and in a reclined ‘racing’ position, that's because Bob has designed his unit to emulate the racing position found in most racing formats.


Barry's Rigs and Reviews said "If you want to experience your racing games the way they were truly meant to be experienced without investing a small fortune, unclamp that wheel from your desk or coffee table, give your lap a break, and pick up a Virtual Racing Chassis from Bob Earl Racing ASAP!" We give it our: Editors Choice Award!

Steering Wheels, controllers, consoles, games and TV's are not included with the Virtual Racing Chassis

Customer Comment:"Hello Bob. Got the VRC MKII seat, WOW, the simplicity of putting it together and being able to store fully built is remarkable. I tested it out with the Grand Turismo, with the G 25 from Logitech it is one heck of a thrill, I have some friends over from Scotland and their nine year old was on it, we had to peel him off it for bedtime. Thank you I am certainly going to have a lot of fun on this. Peter. Oct 2011"

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